Film transfer rates are designed using a sliding scale that maximizes value based upon the volume of film that you submit for transfer. The more film you submit, the lower the rate. Pricing is based on three elements- setup fees, footage, and shipping- and is divided into two tiers- cumulative and comprehensive. All pricing is based on the estimated total footage of your film, and you are only ever charged for the actual amount of film that is transferred. There are also charges for certain extra services, such as additional DVD copies, that are listed separately. All of these are explained below, but as always if you have any questions or would like a personalized quote please call or email me via the information on the "Contact" page on this website. I will be more than happy to answer any and all of the questions you may have. All prices listed are in U. S. Dollars (USD).



Setup fees are established on a cumulative scale and apply to both tiers of pricing. The fees cover the labor and materials involved in preparing your films to be transferred and processed after the transfer is complete. Setup fees include charges for inspection, repair, cleaning, lubricating, and leadering your films, various material- expendable resources, unleadering and repackaging of your films, and menu creation on your DVDs.


Hours Of Film
Fee Per Hour Rate Reduction
1st $30.00 0%
2nd $25.00 16%
3rd $20.00 33%
4th And Above $15.00 50%


The total overall savings for setup fees charged on four hours of film is 25%, so it's a good idea to submit films in larger quantities to get better rates. Again, these fees are cumulative which means that setup for the first hour is $30.00, setup for the second hour is $25.00, making the total for two hours of film $55.00.



Footage rates are charged per foot of film contained on your reels. The footage on your reels is precisely counted by the telecine equipment, so you are only charged for the amount of film your reels contain- not an average of what they should or could contain. Charges for footage are calculated cumulatively for smaller orders and comprehensively for larger orders, so again it is recommended that you submit more film to maximize savings.


Hours Of film
Price Per Foot Average Cost Per Hour
1- 2 $.15 $120.00
3- 4 $.14 $112.00
5- 6 $.13 $104.00


The Average Cost Per Hour in the chart above is based upon an estimate of 800 feet of film per one hour running time. These charges are cumulative, meaning that four hours of film will be charged $.15 per foot for the first two hours, and $.14 per foot for the second two hours.

Transfer projects involving seven or more hours of film are charged a comprehensive footage rate, meaning that each hour of film is charged at the listed rate, starting with the first hour. This tier of footage pricing offers the greatest savings, so I urge customers to take advantage and submit larger orders.


Hours Of film
Price Per Foot Average Cost Per Hour
7- 10 $.12 $96.00
11- 14 $.11 $88.00
15 And Above $.10 $80.00




Below is a chart that can be used to estimate how much film your order will include. This data is based on the original Kodak specifications for reels. Please note that your reels may contain more or less film than is listed in this chart. You are only ever billed for the actual footage on your reels, so for instance if you have several 5- inch reels that are not quite full you know that they will run and be charged for less than what is listed below.

Reel sizes are determined by the actual diameter of the reel, so it is very easy to use a ruler and a calculator to figure estimates. As always, you are welcome to use the information on the "Contact" page to request a quote. Please have information regarding reel sizes and quantities on- hand.


Reel Size
Film Footage Running Time
3- Inch 50 Feet 3:20
4- Inch 100 Feet 7:00
5- Inch 200 Feet 14:00
6- Inch 300 Feet 21:00
7- Inch 400 Feet 28:00




Several additional services are offered including extra copies, transfers to VHS cassette, and re- transferring of MiniDV masters to DVD or VHS. They are listed in the chart below. These services are not offered specifically in any of the packages that are listed. To request Extra Services via the Online Ordering system, simply add them as a note on the order form page. For example, just type "2 extra DVD copies" into the "notes" window.

Price Setup Charge
Additional DVD Copies $3.00 Each FREE
VHS Copies $6.00 Each FREE
Audio Track For DVDs Or VHS Copies* $10.00 Per Hour FREE

*A note about the audio track. Because of royalty, licensing, and copyright infringement issues musical soundtracks for your videos are not available. Instead, I offer a "movie projector" audio track that gives you the actual sound of a projector running film. Several clients expressed that the "missing element" of their transfers was this all- too- familiar sound, so I decided to offer it as an additional feature. Believe me, it really does add to the experience of viewing your films!



At the present time, no international orders are being accepted for film transfer services. This is due to the fact that I am currently producing NTSC video only, and am not able to easily operate in the PAL format used in other countries. That, coupled with shipping issues, means that I am only accepting domestic orders at this time.



Below are several free sample videos that are made available to give you an idea of the video quality offered at Far Q Pro. As mentioned on the FILM TRANSFER INFO page on this website, video compression is a major concern when considering the quality of any video. The clips below have been rendered to the Windows Media Player format (.wmv) for easier handling on the internet. Please note that this file type is not considered to be of "DVD quality".

These samples are offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Simply click on the link associated with any of the clips and the download should begin automatically. Please note that "pop- up blockers" within your internet browser may interfere with the download process, and you may need to give explicit permission to allow the downloads. These video clips are arranged by internet connection speed- for ease and speed of downloading- but you are welcome to all three!


Running Time- 00:33

File Size- 7.47MB

A&E Supply store fire, downtown Duluth, MN May, 1968. Super 8 film. Watch for the "little rainbow" that appears early in the clip, when a stream from a fire hose stikes the building. There is a beautiful burst of color! Includes an audio track of a Bell & Howell Super 8 Design 346A projector.



Running Time- 01:05

File Size- 15.2MB

"Behind the scenes" at the Ringling Bros. Circus, Duluth, MN September, 1967. Super 8 film. Tigers, elephants, and sea lions "backstage" at the Duluth Arena. Includes an audio track of a Sankyo Dualux 2000H projector.



Running Time- 00:17

File Size- 4.0MB

The ore carrier R. E. Webster makes her way into port at Duluth, MN in September, 1967. Super 8 Film.