Shipping fees are calculated for actual carrier charges, but I do sometimes ask that a certain amount be paid in advance. In such cases, any amount over and above the actual shipping costs will be credited to the final balance on your invoice. Additional shipping charges will be applied to larger orders, or where special shipping services are requested. Return shipping can be handled by a "redundancy protection" method, meaning that two shipments can be made for the purpose of protecting both your original films and your new digital masters. Shipping is typically handled in the following manner:

Shipment 1: Your digital master and DVDs will be shipped to you with your invoice and receipt included. A tracking number will be provided to you. Once you have confirmed receipt of the first shipment, your second shipment will be sent

Shipment 2: Your original media will be shipped to you with tracking number provided, and your order will be complete.

To facilitate this shipping policy, a Prepaid Shipping charge will be added to your estimate to cover return carrier costs. As mentioned above, any amount of this fee not required for return shipping will be credited to the final balance on your invoice.

For orders originating in Alaska, Hawaii, and other non- continental U. S. locations, please contact me directly via the "Contact" page before placing your order.

Because shipping is such a critical element of this process, I do offer limited pick up and delivery services for a flat fee of either $7.50 or $15.00, depending upon the location of service. This service is offered only within a 55 mile radius of the Duluth MN and Superior WI areas. Please contact me directly to find out if you are located within this service area.



There are several considerations about sending in your films that should be mentioned.

When you have gathered your films together and are ready to ship them, please take a few minutes to arrange them in the order you would like them to appear on your final copies. A very good way of doing this is to use post- it notes. Simply stick the post- its to the reels, inside of the boxes or cans, and write "#1", "#2", etc. on them. Small slips of paper can also be used.

Please also include a note in your package that identifies your order and who you are. A slip of paper with your name and contact information is all that is necessary.

I strongly recommend that folks send their films in using USPS Priority Mail service. This is for several reasons. First, the US Postal Service offers tracking that is as good- or better- than other carriers. Second, their service is reasonably priced and is often quicker than Ground service from UPS.

Fed Ex services are not recommended under any circumstances. This is because they have informed other service providers in the past that their insurance offerings do not and will not cover loss or damages to motion picture film. Again, they may be a bit cheaper, but what is that worth if your films are lost or damaged?