Digital media transfers are now available for "modern" video files from camcorders and digital devices such as cell phones and tablets! Video from memory cards, USB drives and data discs can be transferred to DVD, Bluray Disc, or to USB drive for easy viewing and archiving. Rates for digital media transfer are listed below, but there are a quite a few variables that are involved in this type of media so please call or get in touch via the CONTACT page on this website for complete details and a more accurate estimate. The following are some general policies to consider when planning your digital media transfer project.

Submissions of hardware devices are not accepted. Because of the liabilities- and inconvenience- involved in taking temporary possession of cell phones and tablets, transfer directly from these devices is not possible. Options available include submission of SD card or wireless transfer via BlueTooth or Samsung Quick Share.

Digital photo files can be transferred for archiving purposes only. Some processing services for still imagery are available, please inquire directly for details.

Due to internet security considerations, internet or "cloud" delivery of digital files is not available.

Long term on- site archiving of digital files is not available.


Digital Media Transfer Rates
File Type
Quantity Price
Digital Video First 30 Minutes $16.00
Digital Video Each Add'l 30 Minutes $8.00
Data Transfer- Photos, Etc. Per Gigabyte $7.00


Rendering To Media
Media Type
Quantity Price
DVD- 2 Copies Up To 2 Video Hours $10.00
Bluray Disc- 2 Copies Up To 2 Video Hours $14.00
USB Drive- 64GB To Drive Capacity, Drive Included $13.00
Add'l DVD Copies Each $4.00
Add'l Bluray Disc Copies Each $6.00


Digital media transfers are billed in two steps. Transfer Rates apply to digital files that are transferred from your SD cards, USB drives, and devices and Rendering charges which apply the creation of your new media. To estimate the total cost, figure the Transfer Rate then add the Rendering price for your preferred media type. For example, 1 hour of video transferred to Bluray Disc would cost $16.00, plus $8.00, plus $14.00 for a grand total of $38.00. As always, if you would like a more specific estimate please call or email for complete details!